AEMSA Welcomes New Member: 180 Vape

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AEMSA is proud and honored to welcome a new e-liquid manufacturing member:

180 Vape


180 Vape was created over 2 years ago, and has grown to be the largest E-liquid manufacturer and distributor in the West Texas area.  At 180 Vape we strive for excellence in quality and customer service.  It’s extremely important for us to be among those that parallel the same ethics and business practices. We believe by becoming AEMSA certified 180 Vape will help set a standard in the industry. It would also be an honor to join a great group of members with like minded goals. At 180 Vape we  will continue to carry out protocols and procedures to ensure that we are one of the best E-liquid manufacturers headed into the future.  Being accepted is a great honor and a distinct pleasure, and we hope to create great partners and friends in a vast growing industry.180 Vape

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