Electronic cigarettes are changing lives every day and with their growing popularity, it becomes a necessity to ensure that the consumables are produced in an environment that is both safe and accurate for the consumer. We are thrilled to participate in AEMSA for many reasons but perhaps the most important reason is to provide the consumer with the highest level of quality and safety in the products they are using. If we strive to protect our consumers, we can only hope for the continued growth of our community through the regulatory stages ahead of us. Simply put, we feel that being part of AEMSA is the one true way to promote a certain piece of mind that should have been in place since day one!Brett Coppolo, Texas Select Vapor
I joined the founding team of AEMSA because I believe in electronic cigarettes and want to see the (our) industry thrive under the umbrella of responsibility and safety. AEMSA doesn’t stand for empty words on paper- we represent a meaningful collection of standards, backed and used in practice by top manufacturers, to protect the interests of merchants and vapers alike. Cleanliness and safety are paramount and we will endlessly strive to ensure that all domestic e-Liquid products reach the consumer in a manner that is consistent with the associated guidelines. AEMSA is something I am quite proud to be a part of and I tip my hat to those that have given so much to bring it this far.Adam Knudsen, NicQuid / VaporCast
We, at Mister-E-Liquid, are very proud to be a founding member of AEMSA.. We have been working with a great group of individuals to bring quality, consistency, and regulation to our industry. AEMSA brings a new level of safety and accountability to American E-Liquid manufacturing, which ensures a safe product remaining consistent with labeling and regulatory guidelines. This is the time for the electronic cigarette industry, and vapers everywhere, to plant our feet, stand together, and prove that we are in it for the long haul. AEMSA is a giant step in the right direction and we are proud to be part of an inspiring organization.Dan Lawitzke, Owner Mister-E-Liquid LLC
I strongly believe AEMSA is the most timely, positive, constructive and proactive way to create a voice where no other opportunities to be heard exist. As an unregulated environment, we can all wait to see what happens or some manufacturers can show, by example, what we all already know must be done. Consumers need professional and responsible standards. We can watch disinformation, and fear from ignorance, continue to disseminate or we can co-create a structure to educate, inform and facilitate. AEMSA’s juice manufacturing members are opening the doors. I hope to see many more join AESMA and make a stronger statement to create professional, reasonable and sustainable regulation. I feel honored to be associated with all the people involved in this effort and proud of what we have created. AEMSA members, both charter members and those who will join and participate, all deserve our support, respect and appreciation.Lou Ritter, AEMSA President Emeritus
I was asked recently to support and be a part of AEMSA. I have been humbled to see a group of consumers and manufactures come together to provide a framework designed to ensure a safe product. I am excited to see and be a part of an organization dedicated to consolidating good manufacturing processes to protect this great thing we have found.Rich Henning, NicVape
This technology has considerable Tobacco Harm Reduction (and risk reducing) potential for millions of smokers all around the world. Yet, while customer demands for more advanced electronics in devices seem to be answered every day, consumer demands for high quality control standards and transparency in the manufacturing of e-liquids have been largely ignored. This has forced many in the vaping community to try their hand at becoming reluctant chemists in order to have more confidence about the e-liquid products they consume. It has also opened us up to attacks by government and media. No more. As a professional chemist and avid vaper, I am proud and humbled to be working with the brave charter member manufacturers and organizers of AEMSA. They represent what this industry can and should be: rigorous, meticulous professionals striving to meet scientific standards that have been needed for a long time, for the benefit of all involved. I strongly urge more manufacturers to join AEMSA. I believe this is the future of vaping, and this is how we will keep that future.Kurt Kistler, PhD aka Kurt on ECF AEMSA – Subject Matter Expert
A standards organization for e-liquid manufacturers, predicated on transparency, safety and accountability, is what the vaping world needs now. HotVapes is proud to be a charter member of AEMSATim, HotVapes.com
As a community and an emerging industry we have a choice, to stand by and watch disinformation and fear continuously be disseminated to the public at larger or we can come together and create a structure to educate, inform and facilitate.Linc Williams, Consumer Advocate
We are proud to be a member of AEMSA. As a community, we will meet the exceptional challenges set before us. We will exceed expectations, succeed together, and change the world in ways that are yet to be defined. The world depends on it.Carol Williams, CEO, ECBlend Flavors
Enthalpy Analytical, Inc., a leader in the field of complex analytical measurement since 1993, is pleased announce they will be working with AEMSA to develop standard test methods and analytical criteria to help assure the ongoing quality and consistency of measurements made on their membership’s e-liquid products. AEMSA’s forward looking vision toward product stewardship and consumer safety are attitudes that align well with Enthalpy’s corporate mission. We are looking forward to working closely with AEMSA.Gene Gillman, Ph.D. – Enthalpy’s Technical Director
At Firebrand, we view AEMSA as a rite of passage to assert our commitment to transparency in the e-liquid manufacturing process. It’s an organization that inspires its members to achieve perfection. More importantly, I view AEMSA as a revolutionary, bright group of individuals committed to ensuring stringent standards in the e-liquid manufacturing process. It’s easy to become mired down in day-to-day operations, and feel alone in the fight to bring this incredible harm reduction alternative to the masses. Being a part of AEMSA means you’re a part of a cooperative team – a smart, earnest team of forthright individuals who are just as committed to quality and longevity as you are. To all the questions that are on the horizon about the future of the industry and which way to turn, at Firebrand – we believe cooperative participation in AMESA is the answer.Brian Gage, Firebrand
Jvapes was started because of an absolute passion and belief in vaping. We strive to bring quality juices that keep tasting good over and over again. The world of vaping is expanding and growing all the time and we work hard to help keep the public informed. From the beginner to the experienced vapor; Jvapes is there to help provide quality products and great customer service.

Jvapes joined AEMSA because we make it our statement to make the highest quality juices. With the help and guidance from AEMSA we are able to achieve that goal. As the electronic cigarette industry grows so should the knowledge of both the consumer and the especially the manufacturer. Joining AEMSA is the final step in being able to provide the most knowledge to the consumer about the products they are purchasing.John Fisher, JVapes

Vapor Shark was founded in 2010 to provide smokers with a revolutionary alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Purely focused on high performance devices, our goal is to equip smokers with the most satisfying and best possible hardware and e-liquids.

Consumers deserve products that are manufactured under strict quality control measures and AEMSA has given us a step-by-step guideline to achieve the highest levels of safety and consistency. Implementing AEMSA standards is a source of pride as we continue to provide consumers with products of the highest possible quality.Brandon Leidel, Vapor Shark

Tampa Vapor was founded by my brother Mike and myself with a vision of quality products and excellent customer service. We have, and will continue to provide everything a beginner or an experienced vaper needs, including the highest quality e-liquid available.

With more people turning to electronic cigarettes, it is important to have high standards for e-liquid production. The guidelines that AEMSA requires its members to achieve and maintain are the answer. AEMSA consists of a group of people that all share the same goal: safe manufacture of quality e-liquid. With the help of AEMSA, we will be among a group of companies that do just that. Tampa Vapor is proud and excited to be a part of AEMSA and we look forward to a long relationship with all of its members.John Synychak, Tampa Vapor

The Vapor Bar first opened its doors in December 2011 with the goal to be an education source for electronic cigarettes. We provide electronic cigarettes, quality custom made flavors and are dedicated to helping customers make a switch in their life. Our Motto is, “It’s hard to quit…it’s easy to switch” and we are dedicated, in store and online to help each customer achieve that goal.

The Vapor Bar is very excited to become a member of AEMSA. The AEMSA organization is at the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry with the mission to bring conistent quality products to customers. This mission epitomizes the quality standards and products that The Vapor Bar has aimed to provide to our customers since we first opened our doors. With their seal of compliance, our ongoing commitment to quality will now be certified by a respected industry organization and we are proud to stand with them to bring the age of electronic cigarettes into the future in a responsible manner. Schell Hammel, The Vapor Bar

The Vaper’s Knoll is proud to become a member of AEMSA and among other responsible companies who have vested interests in protecting this industry. We believe that transparency in the e-liquid manufacturing process will prove that we are adhering to the highest quality and safety standards in the industry, today. We are constantly evolving our business to ensure the best possible quality; and we believe AEMSA will help us to achieve this goal. Being proactive in maintaining AEMSA’s standards is only going to help us grow. And by following these standards, we feel that we can help bring a positive light to our misunderstood industry.Rich Gue, CEO - The Vaper’s Knoll
Virgin Vapor is America’s No. 1 manufacturer of organically flavored e-liquids for the electronic cigarette industry. Since its’ inception in 2010, Virgin Vapor has sold millions of bottles of our award-winning e-liquid to consumers in over 50 countries around the world. Virgin Vapor continues to set world standards, leading the e-liquid revolution toward pure perfection with our USDA certified organic flavors. Voted one of the top 30 Elite E-Liquid Manufacturers in the world by Vapor Digest Magazine and winner of 13 Spinfuel Choice Awards, Virgin Vapor has distinguished itself as a company on the cutting edge. Virgin Vapor is a proud member of AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) and we strongly believe that consumers need professional and responsible standards. At Virgin Vapor, we continue to be an industry leader providing our customers with e-liquids manufactured professionally, according to verified standards focused on consumer protections and good product stewardship, using only the highest quality ingredients.Annette Rogers, CEO and Founder - Virgin Vapor
Molecule Labs, Inc. is a high end specialty e liquids manufacturing company specializing in the manufacturing, research and development of ultra premium e liquids. Molecule Labs, Inc. is GMP compliant and working in their purpose built ISO 7 certified cleanroom. We are very excited to have become members of AEMSA. To be accepted as a member is truly an example of our commitment to excellence in e liquid manufacturing. The AEMSA organization sets a high bar for the industry which we embrace and are looking forward to joining in on the future improvement of the industry’s manufacturing standards.Michael Guasch, President – Molecule Labs, Inc.
An established asset to the burgeoning electronic cigarette industry, AEMSA has constructed a solid foundation for consumers and vendors alike by compiling invaluable scientific research, instilling first rate e-liquid manufacturing practices and through continued political advocacy. Ecig Charleston is honored to become a part of this respected organization and to join AEMSA at the forefront of the rapidly expanding vaping frontier. For years, we at Ecig Charleston have made a strong commitment to providing our clients with outstanding, professionally crafted e-liquid, hygienically produced and made with only premium ingredients. As proud AEMSA members, we will continue our dedication to uphold these top notch manufacturing standards and to grow as a company, evolving as our industry progresses and thrives. Partnered with AEMSA and its other devoted members, together we hope to achieve our goals to raise standards of excellence in the vaping industry to new heights while bringing transparency in our manufacturing guidelines and overall clarity to the general public concerning our industry.EcigCharleston
AEMSA has lead the way in this fledgling industry to establish standards in a responsible manner for our industry and we are pleased to become a member of the association. AEMSA has a critical role to play going forward, and Purilum looks forward to supporting them as their standards evolve and hopefully become industry standards.Purilum
Chuckin Clouds Vape Shop is based out of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. We have stores in four states and have over 50 wholesale companies across the country. We strive to offer the best quality juice to our customers. Joining AEMSA will help us reach the highest quality level and safety standard possible. We are proud to be offered a membership and be part of this ever changing industry.Chuckin' Clouds Vape Shop
180 Vape was created over 2 years ago, and has grown to be the largest E-liquid manufacturer and distributor in the West Texas area. At 180 Vape we strive for excellence in quality and customer service. It’s extremely important for us to be among those that parallel the same ethics and business practices. We believe by becoming AEMSA certified 180 Vape will help set a standard in the industry. It would also be an honor to join a great group of members with like minded goals. At 180 Vape we will continue to carry out protocols and procedures to ensure that we are one of the best E-liquid manufacturers headed into the future. Being accepted is a great honor and a distinct pleasure, and we hope to create great partners and friends in a vast growing industry.180 Vape
Eclipse Liquids is very proud to be part of AEMSA. We take great pride in creating and manufacturing a high quality and safe E-liquid which is exactly what AEMSA stands for. AEMSA is in line with all of our companies core values & mission to make the e-liquid industry safer for consumers and retailers alike. We are excited to work with AEMSA to help set strong industry standards to ensure our industry is regulated properly and effectively for the production of E-liquids.Steven Mazurek, Founder/President - Eclipse Liquids
Mountain Oak Vapors was established in January of 2012 by Steve & Brandy Nair as a small Mom & Pop company with a focus on quality, consistency, and professionalism. We opened one of the very first brick & mortar locations in the country in September of that same year! Since then, our company has grown to be one of the largest and most well respected manufacturers of E-Liquid products in the world, distributing directly to over 400 vape shops across America, and further working with third parties both nationally & internationally to distribute over one million bottles per year! We now operate 6 of our own Retail locations across four states, and provide incredible job opportunities for over 50 people! Mountain Oak Vapors is now not only AEMSA certified, but ISO 9001:2008 certified as well, keeping our focus continually on the Quality and Consistency of our products. At its heart, AEMSA represents the core beliefs of our company and insures that we are continually holding ourselves to the highest E-Liquid manufacturing standards possible for the benefit of not only our companies future, but the future of our industry and the safety & satisfaction of our customers.Steve Nair, Founder - Mountain Oak Vapors