AEMSA Announces Newest 2014 Members!

AEMSA Announcements, New Members

AEMSARoundBorder-01-01AEMSA continues to progress with our Mission, Charter and Advocacy.  We hare honored to see more and more E-Liquid manufacturers agreeing with our foci, directions and adopting professional Standards based on good manufacturing practices and Consumer protections.

Once again, AEMSA is both proud and honored to announce another three New Members:

OKC Vapes

OKC Vapes is excited to be working with AEMSA to self-regulate the e-cigarette industry. By joining forces with AEMSA, we will ensure we produce e-liquid to the highest standards for our consumers. It is our responsibility as manufacturers of premium e-liquid to provide the highest quality product available. Our consumers’ health and safety is our primary concern. We are especially delighted to be a part of AEMSA during this new, exciting time for the vaping industry. We believe working together to enact fair regulations and enforce higher safety standards to our community will help it evolve and grow in the years to come.

-Stephanie Durst, OKC Vapes


Mid Cities Vapor

We have been in business for almost 2 years started out in a modest 800 square foot shop and have recently move to a much larger 2700 square foot store. We have always tried to keep my mixing area clean and use materials that restaurants use… i.e. FRP washable walls, stainless steel surfaces to mix on, and accurate mixing and measuring instruments. A large part of our relocation budget was spent on our mixing room to reinforce what we have already been doing by adding two separate areas to do our liquids. One area is devoted solely to mixing and is closed off from the rest of the store. Included in the above, things we did in our smaller location, we upgraded our dispensing of Nicotine even more. Additionally, we added complete stainless steel surface washing and cleaning areas.

The reason we sought out AEMSA is that we believe we need accountability in this industry, an industry driven set of standards to helps us achieve GMP type standards.  We believe AEMSA is just that…  Back in the early 90’s I was in the Health and Supplement industry and the FDA was trying to regulate all Dietary Supplements as drugs which would have effectively shut down the industry. So the Dietary Supplement industry adopted a set of self-regulating rules for Dietary Supplements companies to follow. It was called DSHEA  (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994).  I was a big part of this movement if you want to call it that. If this did not become law you would not have your local Health Food stores to go to anymore and most large non pharmaceutical supplement companies like Twin Labs, Country Life and Nutraceutical (the company I worked for) would be out of business and you would need a prescription to get your Vitamins.  So you see why I like what AEMSA is doing and that is why we want to be involved.

Steve Belcher – Mid Cities Vapor



VaporHQ meets the highest quality standards in the market for manufacturing eLiquids for electronic cigarettes. Additionally, we provide an array of related vaping products that serve a wide spectrum of buyers, both online and locally in retail stores. Our focus on quality and unique shopping experiences distinguishes the VaporHQ brand.

AEMSA, as a valuable industry consortium, reliably and efficiently enabled scaling our business. Observing the professionalism of the organization across-the-board, VaporHQ is proud to be a Member of AEMSA.

Adam, VaporHQ