AEMSA Announces New Consumer Advocate additions!

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AEMSARoundBorder-01-01AEMSA is honored and proud to announce three new Consumer Advocates are joining our ranks. As AEMSA continues to grow, experienced and well-informed Consumer input dynamically adds to the breadth and scope of our mission, functions, perspective and effectiveness. Such Consumer involvement brings additional depth and dimension to Standards development and refinement, brings new perspective as we expand and find new directions, and brings more of the consumer point-of-view into group/membership discussions/evaluations. As AEMSA continues to grow, we look forward to inviting even more Consumers into this Association.

Consumer Advocates, like SMEs and all AEMSA officers and directors, all serve as unpaid volunteers. Their commitment to contributions, participation and bringing more consumer perspectives into the valuable works of AEMSA is greatly appreciated, respected and admired. We eagerly look forward to working with all three of them!

AEMSA welcomes Mr. Jesse Ray, Mr. Matthew Allen, and Mr. Aaron Frazier.
In their own words:

Mr. Jesse Ray:
“In a time of uncertainty, AEMSA is an organization that has stepped up to proactively provide a means to ensure high standards. With the safety of both consumers and manufacturers in mind, I can think of no better organization of which to be a part. The transparency and consistency that AEMSA brings to the vaping community is unparalleled. I feel that this is just the beginning of what will be an incredibly influential movement amongst enthusiasts, manufacturers, and regulators alike. My decision to join AEMSA as a consumer advocate is based purely on my belief in their vision for a safer tomorrow for us all.”

Jesse Ray


Mr. Matthew Allen:
“It was a honor to be asked to join AEMSA as a Consumer Advocate. I am looking forward to working with the members of AEMSA to help with the grassroots advocacy efforts. I plan on using my experience with poker advocacy to help with the fight for vaping rights. Also be sure to participate in the Fight for Your Right to Vape Daily Action Plan.
Proud to Vape,”

Matt Allen


Mr. Aaron Frazier:
As the director of Utah Vapers since 2011, I’ve had a vision of smart & sensible regulations that could be introduced here to reinforce our harm reduction goals and elevate consumer safety. Due to the near daily focus on the industry in Utah, I’ve had to be on my toes and am constantly researching standards and best practices in and out of the industry that can improve our image statewide. In 2013 we introduced standards all statewide manufacturers and retailers follow and are the only state in the country with this level of self-regulation. Being involved with AEMSA is a natural extension of my goal, I am thrilled to be involved in the future of this organization and hope to have the most AEMSA certified manufacturers than any other region.”

Aaron Frazier
Director, Utah Vapers
Salt Lake City, Utah


AEMSA’s Current Membership now includes:
– General Manufacturing Members: 22 with more in the application process
– Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): 3
– Consumer Advocates: 4

AEMSA is only one year young and we continue to seek new ways to expand our foci, advocacy and effectiveness of our message. We will continue to seek new ways to add more facets, involvements and participations in the AEMSA Voice representing our members and refillable e-liquids.

AEMSA wishes one and all a very happy, healthy and joyous Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.