We strongly believe AEMSA is the most timely, positive, constructive and proactive way to create a voice where no other opportunities to be heard exist

 Current estimates indicate numbers exceeding Five Million people worldwide are using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to combusting and smoking tobacco.  The popularity and use of electronic cigarettes is growing daily all around the world.  Vaping is a relatively new smoking alternative that made its primary debut into the USA approximately six years ago and has grown exponentially in popularity.

Electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and vaping are currently not regulated by any governmental authority.  The U.S. Court of Appeals, District of Columbia, upheld a lower court decision deeming the FDA can regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products.  To date, the FDA has not regulated electronic cigarettes or the manufacturing of e-liquids vaporized while using electronic cigarettes.  While AEMSA acknowledges liquid nicotine is derived from tobacco, we do not agree that it is a tobacco product.

As a newer technology and smoking alternative, various scientific testing of the ingredients, health implications and possible impacts in the direction of second hand vapor have begun (links).  We are all enthusiastic about the early indications from the results of testing completed and in progress.  More testing is needed and AEMSA supports informative testing to effectively and accurately analyze any/all potential health implications of this newer alternative.  AEMSA believes the primary focal point of potential regulation needs to be on the e-liquids themselves.  After all, it is the e-liquids that are being vaporized, inhaled and exhaled.

There has been much discussion and speculation surrounding possible regulation of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.  This category of products is comparatively new to the world AND the regulatory environment.  Technologies and consumable products have never before been combined and utilized in this fashion. Nobody anticipated such profound permeation of the smoking populace, the rate of development of these products and especially the profound life altering improvements many vapers have been experiencing in their quality of life after adopting this Tobacco Harm Reduction smoking alternative.

Vaping has grown at such an unprecedented rate that a global sub-culture and community of vaping enthusiasts has developed and will continue to grow at an impressive rate.  Clearly, so many – as evidenced by the exponential growth rate – are embracing this new alternative.  So many have stopped smoking altogether and made a complete switch to using electronic cigarettes. Consequently, the demand for these products is also climbing at an unanticipated scale. Such profound demand seeks supply and there is no shortage of those willing to pursue the economic opportunities.

While so many are enthralled by the growth and popularity of this Tobacco Harm Reduction smoking alternative, it has clearly been seen that some form of regulation is both inevitable and necessary. However, the simple identification of this necessity does not help create the needed regulation. We  strongly believe AEMSA is the most timely, positive, constructive and proactive way to create a voice where no other opportunities to be heard exist.

AEMSA believes e-liquid, as an entirely new consumable product category, requires a new approach to regulation.  AEMSA acknowledges the reality that governmental regulation is most likely on the immediate horizon and advocates for reasonable and practical regulation.

We also appreciate the reality that the legislative process can, and probably will, be arduous and lengthy. We have seen fear based efforts to ban electronic cigarettes and vaping in various municipalities around the world.  We have also seen those attempting these bans self-admitting they lack sufficient information and are therefore acting from fear and ignorance.  While we do not agree with such actions, we acknowledge these are sometimes promulgated with protective intent.  However, even though possibly well intended, such actions can take away an obviously popular Tobacco Harm Reduction smoking alternative that seems to be having profoundly positive impacts on millions of lives around the world.

The Charter Members of AEMSA decided to create an organization to facilitate, develop and self-regulate standards designed to provide consumers with much higher degrees of confidence in the manufacturing processes of these products.  AEMSA advocates the responsible and professional approach to the manufacturing process and hopes to contribute to, and assist with, the actual regulatory formation of reasonable, effective and sustainable regulations for the manufacture and distribution of American made e-liquids in the marketplace.

The American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association has been created, in both form and function, to accommodate any and all American e-liquid manufacturers who choose to participate while meeting and maintaining all AEMSA standards. This structure is designed to facilitate collaboration, growth, creativity and to influence reasonable, practical and effective regulation for the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarette e-liquids.  We have established an application and review process along with a full structure for various committees, evaluations, reviews, amendments, and more.  Members agree to both scheduled and unscheduled inspections.

AEMSA is currently is a 501c(6) non-profit entity.

AEMSA welcomes and encourages all American e-liquid manufacturers to apply, join and have a VOICE in the growth and development of this unique trade association.