Our Mission

The use of electronic cigarettes (“vaping”/“vapers”) is embraced globally as a Tobacco Harm Reduction alternative to smoking tobacco. Electronic cigarettes do not use tobacco and there is no combustion or smoke of any kind. The vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is created when a battery activates a heating coil that vaporizes the e-liquid. The e-liquid often includes liquid nicotine as one of its primary ingredients. Consumers have the freedom to choose the level of nicotine content including no nicotine content at all. Many choose to reduce the nicotine content in their e-liquids over time while others choose to wean themselves off nicotine completely.

While liquid nicotine is extracted from tobacco, liquid nicotine is not tobacco.

Many people, including both those who have adopted vaping as a Tobacco Harm Reduction alternative to smoking and/or others following this industry, have some idea of the four primary categories of ingredients used in manufacturing e-liquids. These include, but are not completely limited to: liquid nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and food flavorings. Three of these four ingredient components are already FDA approved food grade ingredients commonly used in many foods and other consumables.

We readily acknowledge and respect that liquid nicotine can be an ingredient of concern and, as such, requires responsible and professional handling and distribution. We also acknowledge and respect the other three ingredients are available in various categories in their individual quality and application.

Further, we acknowledge and respect the entire process of handling and combining these ingredients, for consumption by consumers, deserves professionalism. AEMSA Standards demand high quality ingredients and accuracy in content. Correlative to other products manufactured for human consumption, clean manufacturing environments are required.

AEMSA is not only for manufacturers. Another aspect of AEMSA’s mission is to welcome and embrace input from the community. AEMSA is designed to welcome Consumer Advocates and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as non-manufacturing participants in the organization. While there is a limitation for the numbers of the Consumer Advocate membership, as a percentage of the general membership, Consumer Advocate and SME members can serve on various committees and even the Board of Directors itself. We readily acknowledge and appreciate there are non-manufacturing people in the community, with professional backgrounds and expertise, who can greatly contribute to the overall mission and goals of AEMSA. We are continuously working to find ways to include many – if not most – of the various interests involved in this industry. Consumer Advocate and SME memberships will be on an invitation only basis.

Finally, AEMSA welcomes opportunities to meet with Governmental agencies and legislators for the purposes of contributing to the formation and establishment of reasonable and realistic governmental regulation. We feel we have much to offer and contribute to the regulatory considerations.

AEMSA is just getting started and looks forward to evolutionary growth and development. We know we have an enthusiastic and involved community who will want to get to know us. We eagerly await meeting many of you at various events and we will be available to discuss AEMSA through media outlets.

We promise to work for preserving and promoting Tobacco Harm Reduction through the process of volunteer self-regulation of e-liquid manufacturing. We are committed to providing consumers with a greater confidence in our members’ products.

AEMSA encourages all USA e-liquid manufacturers to participate directly in this organization and/or raise (and publicize) their own manufacturing standards.