AEMSA at VaperCon 2012

AEMSA Announcements

The American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) – the very first, and only, Trade Association specifically designed and dedicated to Voluntary Self-Regulating the manufacture of “e-liquid” (consumable component used in electronic cigarettes) – will be making its debut public appearance at VaperCon2 on October 12-13 in Richmond Virginia.

VaperCon2 is one of many public events exclusively focusing on the electronic cigarette industry. “Vaping” (term used to describe the activity of using electronic cigarettes) has grown at such an unprecedented rate that a global sub-culture and community of vaping enthusiasts has developed and continues to grow at an astounding rate. These events are analogous to other industry Trade Shows.

Many of the top venders, catering to the electronic cigarette industry, will attend and have tables/booths to display and offer industry related products. Other, non-vending, industry related organizations and media presenters will also attend. Such may include,, and others. As a function of the global sub-culture and community, that has developed and continues to grow, these events are increasing in frequency, attendance and geographic locales all around the world.

The 2012 VaperCon2 event may generate the largest attendance to date. These events are open to the general public and are attended by consumers, merchants, various social media personalities, industry followers and others from across the country and around the globe. Any/all tobacco smokers are also invited (and MOST welcomed to attend) to see, learn about and try electronic cigarette products.

These events are further evidence that vaping and Tobacco Harm Reduction truly has become a GLOBAL PHENOMENON! These events have proven to be wonderful opportunities for all facets (and participants) of this ever-growing industry to meet in person, network, share product information and industry news/developments and socialize.

As a new Trade Association entity, AEMSA’s entire Board of Directors (and most of its Charter Members) will be in attendance and available to discuss AEMSA, its form and functions, mission/goals and answer questions. While some of the members may already be well known within the “community”, this will be the first time we will be directly and personally available as representatives of AEMSA. We are all very proud of what AEMSA represents and feel honored to have this opportunity to meet VaperCon attendees in person. We welcome you to attend VaperCon2; our representatives look forward to meeting you!

Members of AEMSA and the Board of Directors will be at VaperCon part two ( ) on October 12-13th 2012 in Richmond VA at the Clarion Hotel (3207 North Blvd. Richmond, VA) where they look forward to introducing AEMSA to the community.