The Application Process

AEMSA is an All-Volunteer organization run by its members and the application process is conducted by the members serving on the Applications Committee (AAC). The application process has several steps towards attaining full membership. This process is delineated below.

Initial Application

Fill out the application form and submit the application to

The AAC conducts a brief review for completeness and eligibility.

Once the review is completed AEMSA will send you our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement and supplemental materials.

Submit the signed NDA and application fee to AEMSA.

All application material is reviewed by the AEMSA Application Committee (AAC)

The Application Committee will guide you through preparation for the initial interview and schedule the interview

Applicant Interview

All member organizations will undergo an interview session with the Application Committee

The applicant should be familiar with the AEMSA Standards and self-evaluated their operation relative to compliance.

Interviews are typically 1 hour in length

The 1st round interview is relatively informal and intended to help us (and you) further assess where your operation is (at the time of application) relative to the AEMSA Standards.

The standards are posted on the web site and do not include any operational trade secrets or intellectual property. We ARE focused on verifying accuracy in content, quality ingredients, professional environments, etc. as listed in the Standards. AEMSA wishes to remain as noninvasive as possible while ensuring the standards are met and maintained. We want our members to feel comfortable with the process and we are open to hearing any concerns. As new manufacturers join, they each have a voice in refining the process and/or Standards. More voices means additional insights and perspectives

NOTE – Applicants do not have to be fully compliant to apply for AEMSA membership. AEMSA permits members provisional membership with an established timeframe to become fully compliant with the standards. (“Certified”)

Application Review

The application committee conducts a final review of the application, interviews, any supplemental information submitted and delivers a recommendation to the board.

Board Review

The Board of Directors will vote on the New Member Status. The applications committee will inform the applicant of the board decision. Once approved for membership, the applicant signs the AEMSA membership agreement, is added to the AEMSA website as a “General Member” and membership dues commence.

After acceptance as a general member, we will guide you through the process to become a “Certified Member”. This process will include the second round of “evidentiary documentation”, pre-inspection interview to establish the member is in compliance and ready for inspection and scheduling the final onsite inspection.

2017 Membership Dues

What does AEMSA membership cost?

Each year, the Board of Directors reviews the previous year’s budget/agenda and outlines potential agenda alternatives (with correlative budgets) for the coming year. These alternative agendas/budgets are then presented to the General Membership for open discussion, possible revision(s) and final vote ratification. The next year’s dues and agenda are based on the newly ratified budget; each year’s member dues are decided by the General Members in this fashion.

Membership dues fund the Association’s expenses, support AEMSA’s mission to advocate for refillable e-liquids and promote Tobacco Harm Reduction.

Membership is renewed on the anniversary of the date your application was approved and, in the second year of membership, is adjusted to AEMSA’s fiscal year. Members’ option to renew each year is perpetual.  All AEMSA members support the purpose, vision, mission, goals, and core values of the association. Membership is entity based, non-transferable and dues/fees are non-refundable.


Application Fee


One Time FeeApplication fee is due upon the submission of your application.

Inspection Fee


Cost Per Physical Inspection

*Estimated inspection cost. Actual costs may vary and are based on travel and inspector expenses.

For any questions regarding our pricing structure, please don’t hesitate to contact us!